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Strategic Management

Sakarya University has been applying Strategic Management Approach since 2003. In 2003, TQM initiatives have been introduced in SAU primarily by Quality Envoys selected from all units and participation of all units and individuals. SAU has been conducting this process in all units through Strategic Management Information System since 2009. 

Chronologic Progress of Strategic Management is summarised in the following table:

Milestones of Strategic Management Approach in SAU
2003 Initiation of Total Quality Management with Strategy Management approach; Definition of mission, vision, core values, policies, strategies and objectives for the first time
2006 Refinement of SP with consideration of YÖDEK and EFQM Models, Law Number 5018 and SP Guideline for Public Administrations 
2007-2008 Refinement of SP approach with consideration of 2006 SWOT Analysis, performance results and KalDer FBR
2009 Initiation of SYBS; Refinement of SP approach and revision of objectives  in line with 2008 KalDer FBR
2011 Refinement of 2011 SP approach in line with 2010 KalDer  FBR
2012 Preparation of 2014-2018 SAU Strategic Plan
2014 Improvement of SYBS and development of new SYBS for 2014-2018 Strategic Plan