Sakarya University Academic Evaluation and Quality Improvement Committee (SAUDEK) was established in April 2003 in order to coordinate and organize studies on evaluation of all processes in Sakarya University, improvement of quality, approval and recognition of quality levels through the external evaluation.

The responsibilities of SAUDEK include

  • Strategic Planning and Monitoring 
  • Quality Improvement
  • Process Management
  • Internal and External Evaluation
  • Strategic Management Information System

SAUDEK is in cooperation with some units to conduct these works; SAUDEK Coordinator, SAUDEK Executive Board, SAUDEK Commitees and Quality Envoys. 

SAUDEK has got four commitees such as:

  • Strategic Planning and Monitoring Commitee
  • Quality Improvement Commitee
  • Process Management Commitee
  • Survey Design and Revision Commitee